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Scooter Girl by Jamie Kitson Accidental Multiple Exposure by Jamie Kitson Punk by Jamie Kitson Cot by Jamie Kitson Train by Jamie Kitson Nikon Series E 100mm by Jamie Kitson Batman by Jamie Kitson Pout by Jamie Kitson Playground by Jamie Kitson Apple Day by Jamie Kitson San Gimignano by Jamie Kitson San Gimignano by Jamie Kitson San Miniato by Jamie Kitson San Gimignano by Jamie Kitson Poolside by Jamie Kitson Vinci by Jamie Kitson Conti Guidi Castle Bell by Jamie Kitson Vinci by Jamie Kitson Vinci Rooftops by Jamie Kitson Trolley by Jamie Kitson

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White Bait by Jamie Kitson Came back from a week's holiday to this hellish nightmare. by Jamie Kitson Showing Kamran my old stomping ground, Leather Lane and particularly #Prufrock #Coffee by Jamie Kitson Our local vicar isn't afraid to show his elegances. by Jamie Kitson My kind of garden centre. by Jamie Kitson Recently noticed that my drawer at work has inductions on what to do in the event of a bomb threat. Also went a bit overboard at the Easter sales. by Jamie Kitson Managed to tip couscous into my coffee thinking it was brown sugar. #MiddleClassProblems by Jamie Kitson Yet another sunset. by Jamie Kitson Decorating birthday cakes - the reason I wanted to have children. by Jamie Kitson Made Kamran his first pizza. He either loved it or was very very hungry. by Jamie Kitson Camden Lock by Jamie Kitson Trees Over London by Jamie Kitson I think Bananagrams is better with a theme. by Jamie Kitson Nice sky this evening. by Jamie Kitson Little feet. Obviously before lunch. by Jamie Kitson Wolverhampton Civic Hall sells beer in 2 pint glasses which make people's hands look freakishly small. by Jamie Kitson Browsing the Tea Aisle by Jamie Kitson Matching outfits - check. by Jamie Kitson Middle class doll's house complete with solar panels. by Jamie Kitson #Photoshoot. We "won"a "runner up prize" of a free photo shoot and one free print at a high street photography shop who
whose initials are SS. Unsurprisingly it turned into a sales pitch. We might even have bought something if the pictures had been any good and the prices hadn't been so outrageous. Our wedding photographer was cheaper. by Jamie Kitson

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Thank you Grampy and Miou
Thank you Grampy and Miou
jamiekitson 31 views
Zip WIre
Zip WIre
jamiekitson 44 views
Working from Home Again
Working from Home Again
jamiekitson 37 views
Kamran Finds a Different Hose
Kamran Finds a Different Hose
jamiekitson 18 views
The Other Side of Parenting
The Other Side of Parenting
jamiekitson 11 views


That time a BT rep. recommended I use "something like Password123"

There are loads and loads of sites out there with ridiculous password rules, but BT gets a special shout-out for their special, multiple, password policies. In case it's not obvious no one has any business capping the length of a password or disallowing certain characters. A hash will always end up ...

The Martian - The Swiss Cheese of Films

Just a few of my issues with The Martian. Spoilers, obviously.The version of the human race in the film has had the foresight, ingenuity and money to start a colony on Mars, but they couldn't tie a guide rope between the spaceship and the base, or between each other. You know, like climbers have bee...

Camera Repair Quote from Sendean Cameras

Since Yelp appear to hide bad reviews I thought I'd also post my review of Sendean here.I dropped off a camera at Sendean for a repair quote. The camera would switch on but the lens wouldn't extend fully. The quote I got back was as much as the camera would have been worth in mint condition. When I ...

Flickr Auto-Uploader for Windows Phone

Flickr Auto-Uploader for Windows Phone will automatically upload pictures and videos from your Windows Phone device to Flickr. You can choose the privacy setting and tags of the uploaded files, any of your phone albums to upload from and one of your Flickr albums to upload to. If you have a Lumia 10...

Flickr authorisation URL doesn't work on certain browser components

Writing a Flickr app for Windows Phone I was confused as to why the authorisation URL was forwarding the user to http://m.flickr.com instead of the authorisation page after they logged in and I had to detect that and forward them to the authentication URL again. After a while even this stopped worki...