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The Dog Carrier by Jamie Kitson The Child Carrier by Jamie Kitson Brighton Beach Again by Jamie Kitson Twisty by Jamie Kitson The Old Nunnery by Jamie Kitson One day Father, all of this will be mine. by Jamie Kitson Egg Rolling by Jamie Kitson Joey Essex in the Country by Jamie Kitson Serious business this puppy carrying. by Jamie Kitson Painted Lady by Jamie Kitson Matching Stripes by Jamie Kitson Ikea sell some fantastic toys. Thanks Aunty Maddy! by Jamie Kitson Ice Cream by Jamie Kitson Pelican Ride by Jamie Kitson The Politician's Smile by Jamie Kitson Smiley by Jamie Kitson Sullen by Jamie Kitson With Granny by Jamie Kitson Service! by Jamie Kitson Hawley Road Demolition by Jamie Kitson

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Never Gets Old
Never Gets Old
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Our Local Church
Our Local Church
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Kamran's First Driving Lesson
Kamran's First Driving Lesson
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My favourite of Kamran's toys.
My favourite of Kamran's toys.
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Manually Fixing Multiple Screens with Different DPIs in Linux

Step 1:Set the system wide DPI to a comfortable level for your highest resolution screen, using X Resources. There is a DPI calculator here.Step 2:With the DPI set in step 1, work out what scaling is comfortable on your secondary screen. You can do this by adjusting the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx Fir...

How not to Transfer Your Domains Between Registrars

TL;DR: i) Before transferring your domains to a new registrar make sure every single piece of contact information on them is EXACTLY the same. ii) I can't recommend Gandi.net. I own several domains, one of which I use for my primary email address. A while ago I read Naoki Hiroshima's account of bein...

Recommended Apps for Windows Phone 8

True Calendar 8The native WP8 calendar sucks, it defaults to viewing one day, but doesn't fit it onto one screen, it doesn't have a week view at all, the month view is pretty much useless because you can't read the appointments and if you try to click on them or click on a day it switches to the cra...

Script to set Firefox zoom/dpi/devPixelsPerPx on the command line

#!/bin/bashPREF=~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default*/prefs.jsBAK="$PREF.bak"SETTING="layout.css.devPixelsPerPx"CURR=$(grep $SETTING $PREF)cp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho "user_pref(\"$SETTING\", \"$1\");" >> $PREF/usr/bin/firefoxcp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho $CURR >> $PREF...

Sexism at theregister.co.uk

.reglink .separator { float: left; } .reglink a { display: block; } .reglink { clear: both; padding: 1em; background-color: #FFFFFF; background-image: linear-gradient(#E6E6E6, #FFFFFF); background-repeat: repeat-x; border-color: #999999 #CCCCCC #CCCCCC; border-...