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Little Hands by Jamie Kitson Suited and Booted by Jamie Kitson Cyclists - Stay back by Jamie Kitson Lilly Again by Jamie Kitson Isla by Jamie Kitson Lilly by Jamie Kitson Family Knit by Jamie Kitson Little Feet by Jamie Kitson Surprise by Jamie Kitson Little Sailor by Jamie Kitson Amma by Jamie Kitson Rod & Phoebe by Jamie Kitson Baby Hug by Jamie Kitson Spotty Baby by Jamie Kitson More Cycle Surgery Spam by Jamie Kitson Country Life by Jamie Kitson Griddled Aubergine by Jamie Kitson Mads by Jamie Kitson Tea and Pizza by Jamie Kitson Aunty Reeva by Jamie Kitson

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Peacock by Jamie Kitson A photo by Reeva. by Jamie Kitson  by This is what happens when two of your interests collide. I like tea, I cycle, a mug with a bike on! I was given these by three separate people on three separate occasions. I just need one more for a proper set. by Jamie Kitson Photo Shoot by Jamie Kitson Spotty Baby by Jamie Kitson A #Crodoughnut according to the shop. According to Wikipedia #cronut is trademarked. I thought these things were mythical. by Jamie Kitson Daisy Head by Jamie Kitson Back to Work by Jamie Kitson Was given my own tandoori chicken last night. by Jamie Kitson Home time, with a blanket made by his great gran. by Jamie Kitson #Korean #Barbecue on #LeatherLane by Jamie Kitson Strawberry and chocolate pancake. by Jamie Kitson Drowning Robot by Jamie Kitson Finally a fully #Dualit household. Thanks for the #JohnLewis vouchers everyone. by Jamie Kitson Robot Bombay Toast by Jamie Kitson Found this yesterday @ssjassal, with a special Korean pose just for you x by Jamie Kitson Quite impressed with M&S's soft yolk scotch egg. I guess they heat it to a certain temperature, like sous-vide. Anybody? by Jamie Kitson Found big lobsters washed up on Shoreham beach today. by Jamie Kitson Loads and loads of starfish washed up on Shoreham beach today. by Jamie Kitson

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Windows Phone Pivot Bug
Windows Phone Pivot Bug
jamiekitson 147 views
Controls on the pivot item disappear immediately after swipe/pivot. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20084687/wp8-controls-on-pivot-disappear
Circular Centipede/Millipede
Circular Centipede/Millipede
jamiekitson 72 views
Not sure what was sticking its head to its tail, if it hadn't been so small I would have tried to help it. The poor thing was dead the next day.
Geo-Tagging Flickr photos using Google Latitude data
Geo-Tagging Flickr photos using Google Latitude data
jamiekitson 91 views
App can be found at: http://geo.kitten-x.com
I don't want no fricking Google+ account!
I don't want no fricking Google+ account!
jamiekitson 974 views
Google are apparently ending their force feeding of Google+ http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/04/report-google-to-end-forced-g-integration-drastically-cut-division-resources/
Rod Crowd Surfing @ The Windmill
Rod Crowd Surfing @ The Windmill
jamiekitson 33 views
Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamiekitson/with/8075036232#photo_8075036232 Unsurprisingly he lost his keys.


Recommended Apps for Windows Phone 8

True Calendar 8The native WP8 calendar sucks, it defaults to viewing one day, but doesn't fit it onto one screen, it doesn't have a week view at all, the month view is pretty much useless because you can't read the appointments and if you try to click on them or click on a day it switches to the cra...

Script to set Firefox zoom/dpi/devPixelsPerPx on the command line

#!/bin/bashPREF=~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default*/prefs.jsBAK="$PREF.bak"SETTING="layout.css.devPixelsPerPx"CURR=$(grep $SETTING $PREF)cp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho "user_pref(\"$SETTING\", \"$1\");" >> $PREF/usr/bin/firefoxcp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho $CURR >> $PREF...

Sexism at theregister.co.uk

.reglink .separator { float: left; } .reglink a { display: block; } .reglink { clear: both; padding: 1em; background-color: #FFFFFF; background-image: linear-gradient(#E6E6E6, #FFFFFF); background-repeat: repeat-x; border-color: #999999 #CCCCCC #CCCCCC; border-...

(Almost) Passive Cooling an Acer Aspire Revo R3600 Intel Atom 330

After I removed the fan of my Revo R3600 in order to change the hard drive it became incredibly noisy, sounding a bit like a motorbike. Given that it was in the lounge I needed to do something about it. At work one evening I realised there might be a nice big heat sink in a recently deceased Dell Op...

The Truth About Film and Airport X-Ray Machines

When I went to Africa recently on honeymoon, I took with me my new bride, and a load of film. I was a bit concerned about the effects of X-ray machines at airports, but apart from keeping it in my had luggage I didn't have much choice but to put them through (I did speak to a photography shop about ...