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Windows Phone Flickr Auto Uploader by Jamie Kitson Nokia Lumia 1020 by Jamie Kitson December Sunrise by Jamie Kitson Stubble on a South Downs Hill by Jamie Kitson Misty Steyning by Jamie Kitson Remember When It Was Cold? by Jamie Kitson Lick by Jamie Kitson WORTHING PIER RELIEF by Jamie Kitson Brighton Graffiti by Jamie Kitson Kamran's Glasses by Jamie Kitson Yonder Window by Jamie Kitson Clark, Vicky and Isla by Jamie Kitson Rosie, Clark and Isla by Jamie Kitson Tas and Clark by Jamie Kitson Forced Smile, Wonky Swing by Jamie Kitson Josie by Jamie Kitson Tas and Matthew by Jamie Kitson Natalie and Matthew by Jamie Kitson Karina and Josie by Jamie Kitson Matthew by Jamie Kitson

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Our local vicar isn't afraid to show his elegances. by Jamie Kitson My kind of garden centre. by Jamie Kitson Recently noticed that my drawer at work has inductions on what to do in the event of a bomb threat. Also went a bit overboard at the Easter sales. by Jamie Kitson Managed to tip couscous into my coffee thinking it was brown sugar. #MiddleClassProblems by Jamie Kitson Yet another sunset. by Jamie Kitson Decorating birthday cakes - the reason I wanted to have children. by Jamie Kitson Made Kamran his first pizza. He either loved it or was very very hungry. by Jamie Kitson Camden Lock by Jamie Kitson Trees Over London by Jamie Kitson I think Bananagrams is better with a theme. by Jamie Kitson Nice sky this evening. by Jamie Kitson Little feet. Obviously before lunch. by Jamie Kitson Wolverhampton Civic Hall sells beer in 2 pint glasses which make people's hands look freakishly small. by Jamie Kitson Browsing the Tea Aisle by Jamie Kitson Matching outfits - check. by Jamie Kitson Middle class doll's house complete with solar panels. by Jamie Kitson #Photoshoot. We "won"a "runner up prize" of a free photo shoot and one free print at a high street photography shop who
whose initials are SS. Unsurprisingly it turned into a sales pitch. We might even have bought something if the pictures had been any good and the prices hadn't been so outrageous. Our wedding photographer was cheaper. by Jamie Kitson Apparently I'm doing this all wrong, Tas seems to think it's a Sudoku puzzle. by Jamie Kitson Thanks Andrew. Sounds like an insult that an Aussie would use. by Jamie Kitson Facetime lighting solution. by Jamie Kitson

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Cold Shower
Cold Shower
jamiekitson 62 views
Kamran and me on the Slide
Kamran and me on the Slide
jamiekitson 3 views
Kamran Reading to Himself
Kamran Reading to Himself
jamiekitson 11 views
Kamran Rope Swinging
Kamran Rope Swinging
jamiekitson 4 views
Kamran's first boiled egg.
Kamran's first boiled egg.
jamiekitson 2 views


Flickr authorisation URL doesn't work on certain browser components

Writing a Flickr app for Windows Phone I was confused as to why the authorisation URL was forwarding the user to http://m.flickr.com instead of the authorisation page after they logged in and I had to detect that and forward them to the authentication URL again. After a while even this stopped worki...

Manually Fixing Multiple Screens with Different DPIs in Linux

Step 1:Set the system wide DPI to a comfortable level for your highest resolution screen, using X Resources. There is a DPI calculator here.Step 2:With the DPI set in step 1, work out what scaling is comfortable on your secondary screen. You can do this by adjusting the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx Fir...

How not to Transfer Your Domains Between Registrars

TL;DR: i) Before transferring your domains to a new registrar make sure every single piece of contact information on them is EXACTLY the same. ii) I can't recommend Gandi.net. I own several domains, one of which I use for my primary email address. A while ago I read Naoki Hiroshima's account of bein...

Recommended Apps for Windows Phone 8

True Calendar 8The native WP8 calendar sucks, it defaults to viewing one day, but doesn't fit it onto one screen, it doesn't have a week view at all, the month view is pretty much useless because you can't read the appointments and if you try to click on them or click on a day it switches to the cra...

Script to set Firefox zoom/dpi/devPixelsPerPx on the command line

#!/bin/bashPREF=~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default*/prefs.jsBAK="$PREF.bak"SETTING="layout.css.devPixelsPerPx"CURR=$(grep $SETTING $PREF)cp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho "user_pref(\"$SETTING\", \"$1\");" >> $PREF/usr/bin/firefoxcp $PREF $BAKgrep -v $SETTING $BAK > $PREFecho $CURR >> $PREF...