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Cousins by Jamie Kitson Turtle! by Jamie Kitson Super by Jamie Kitson Bangla Summer by Jamie Kitson Blues by Jamie Kitson Hexagonal Phase by Jamie Kitson Obligatory Lightening Shot by Jamie Kitson Brownie by Jamie Kitson Raincoat by Jamie Kitson T-Rex by Jamie Kitson Ball Pit by Jamie Kitson Bubbles by Jamie Kitson SM1 LEY by Jamie Kitson Blossom by Jamie Kitson Walking by Jamie Kitson Run Rabbit by Jamie Kitson Auntie Maddy by Jamie Kitson Wrapped Up by Jamie Kitson Gargoyle by Jamie Kitson Concrete by Jamie Kitson

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Village Children by Jamie Kitson Silly jump at Lundy bay by Kai Hendry Goat Feeding by Jamie Kitson Bistro 7, Ludlow by Jamie Kitson Wheelie Good Fun by Jamie Kitson Bye guys by Kai Hendry Jamie & Andrew at Seven dials by Kai Hendry Jamie enjoying a summer day by Kai Hendry On a ferry to Padstein by Kai Hendry Jamie and my mom by Kai Hendry My eyes... arghhh by Kai Hendry Too bright by Kai Hendry Scary forest discovery by Kai Hendry IMG_7675 by Kai Hendry Tea time by Kai Hendry IMG_7674 by Kai Hendry Shadow Walking by Jamie Kitson Reflection by Jamie Kitson Chopsticks by Jamie Kitson The Child Carrier by Jamie Kitson

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Wrapped Up by Jamie Kitson IMG_20170424_182735 by Jamie Kitson IMG_20170424_175611 by Jamie Kitson IMG_20170422_160937 by Jamie Kitson Camp Bestival by Jamie Kitson Luke and Kamran by Jamie Kitson Ice Cream by Jamie Kitson Scootering by Jamie Kitson Pagoda by Jamie Kitson Rickshaw in Motion by Jamie Kitson Shankharia Bazaar by Jamie Kitson Bubbles by Jamie Kitson Dive by Jamie Kitson Lilly Mermaid by Jamie Kitson Touchdown by Jamie Kitson Rafe by Jamie Kitson Canal Night by Jamie Kitson My Little Man by Jamie Kitson Blurry by Jamie Kitson Spray by Jamie Kitson

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Image 23-b by derqueue R0003506-b by derqueue kohlipe001 by rufie c Charneca, Portugal by Larry Carr My handsome men 😘 #latergram by rufie c Silly jump at Lundy bay by Kai Hendry DSCF1696 by maddy_bowers DSCF1699 by maddy_bowers Bagan, Myanmar. by Yuwei* Bagan, Myanmar. by Yuwei* Beauty and sadness – Iain Cadby by Blanka.co.uk 000092940007.jpg by FabioVentura 27690023.jpg by FabioVentura Blue in blue by rubbernglue Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Produce Scan of the Week by ranjit K&K kiss ? by Kai Hendry Aperture Blades Operation by P F McFarland P1000086.jpg by cleatus.clark P1000080.jpg by cleatus.clark P1000104.jpg by cleatus.clark

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Hong Kong Night

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Posh Looking Hotel

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Geo-Tagging Flickr photos using Google Latitude data

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Bangla Summer

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Reclaiming The Union Jack

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Reclaiming The Union Jack

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Tunnel Vision

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Nomadic Mark has posted a comment:

Jamie Kitson I think I agree with that Jamie. I'm going to upgrade. I can't really see any other options that have such a good community. Cheers and all the best pal.

F*ck from Smugmug

Gilbert-Noël Sfeir Mont-Liban has posted a comment:

Yes, Fuck with a capital U !
It is going to be a disaster for Flickr patrimony.
All the accounts of those who are now inactive, sick or deceased will be exterminated, not to mention members who cannot afford it, although it is not exorbitant, but plenty of people do not use credit cards, including me.
If they want to stop uploads for the non Pros, be it, but they could at least keep what has already been shared and belongs now to the world, not to those SmugSmug Monkeys or whatever their name to destroy it.

F*ck from Smugmug