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Finally found something to do with the @freddiesflowers boxes. by jamiekitson Mercedes Christmas by jamiekitson Happy Christmas everyone, from an isolating Kamran. by jamiekitson Style by jamiekitson Snow! by jamiekitson The Reader by jamiekitson Clown by jamiekitson Hemel by jamiekitson Mum's Garden by jamiekitson School Girl by jamiekitson #ProudHusband

@nuclearraces #LoveMud #nuclearraces #nuclearblast by jamiekitson Smoke by jamiekitson Mars Rovers

Shooting on film and then adding an Instagram filter 😐 by jamiekitson Cow Parsley Moon by jamiekitson Saturday at #Silverstone. #latergram by jamiekitson The Green Park Elephants. Worth going to see if you're passing, they're only there for another couple of weeks. by jamiekitson They're cutting it a bit fine! by jamiekitson Steyning by jamiekitson London People by jamiekitson Sundown by jamiekitson


Marshmallow Toasting by Jamie Kitson Scoot by Jamie Kitson Silhouette by Jamie Kitson Little Bear by Jamie Kitson Deleting Your AirBnB Account - A Flow Chart by Jamie Kitson DSCF4630 by Jamie Kitson REST by Jamie Kitson Half Pipe by Jamie Kitson Scooting by Jamie Kitson Busker Outside Brighton Pavilion by Jamie Kitson Pigeon by Jamie Kitson Pigeons by Jamie Kitson Brighton Palace Pier by Jamie Kitson Cousins by Jamie Kitson Turtle! by Jamie Kitson Super by Jamie Kitson Bangla Summer by Jamie Kitson Blues by Jamie Kitson Hexagonal Phase by Jamie Kitson Obligatory Lightening Shot by Jamie Kitson

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Kamran's Shadow Puppet Show
Kamran's Shadow Puppet Show
jamiekitson 8 views
Sufiya does Craft
Sufiya does Craft
jamiekitson 14 views
Nikon Z 28mm f/2.8 SE Unboxing (from Z fc kit)
Nikon Z 28mm f/2.8 SE Unboxing (from Z fc kit)
jamiekitson 1085 views
Nikon Z 40mm f/2 Unboxing (vs Sony 35mm f/2.8)
Nikon Z 40mm f/2 Unboxing (vs Sony 35mm f/2.8)
jamiekitson 2918 views
I feel a bit silly about going on about how cheap/good value this lens is, it's really just on-par with the AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G which has a built-in switch and gasket seal. Mini review of the Z 6 bemoaning the lack of compact primes: https://blog.jamiek.it/2020/08/nikon-z6-mini-review.html Some photos taken with the 50mm Z S at the top of my public Flickr feed: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamiekitson/
Neff Gas Hob Update
Neff Gas Hob Update
jamiekitson 393 views
Looks like I misdiagnosed the gas hob issue annoyingly. Part 1: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B20Y9G58qq8


Delay Delay Delay Repay

It's often literally not worth my time claiming the pittance you get for late trains with delay repay, but it's the only way you can punish them for being late, so I try to do it out of principal, but boy they don't make it easy. The number of times I've had to clarify my claim or correct the respon...

Nikon Z6 Mini Review

Good - Image qualityJpegs out of the Z6 are generally incredible IMHO. I know it's a cliche but there's something quite filmic about them. Everyone raves about Fuji jpegs, but I prefer the jpegs out of the Z6 even more than the X100s. I used to shoot jpeg + raw, but I've switched to just jpeg now, a...

Google and Amazon Photos Uploaders

This is kind of a mini review of my frustrations with the Amazon and Google photo uploaders for PC. I have a large (~3TB) library of photos. Ideally I'd like a CLI Linux uploader to periodically upload files at will, there are many flexible uploaders for Flickr that do this well, and many of them ha...

Changing the Oil Filter on a 2017 Ford Grand C-Max TDCi 1.5

Changing the oil on our Ford Grand C-Max TDCi 1.5 was straightforward enough. Remove the bottom cover with a torx driver and then undo the sump bolt with a 21/22 mm spanner.Changing the filter was simple enough once I knew what I was doing and had the right tools to hand, but I had difficulty gettin...

VMMEM.EXE High CPU Useage with Hyper-V

If you're using Hyper-V and finding that VMMEM is using a lot of CPU on your host you might want to swich scheduler type from root to core or classic. To find out what you're currently using run the following in power shell:Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{ProviderName="Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-Hype...